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Nyoka software is a leading Information technology development and research company with the mission of providing innovative services and vision of serving clients across the globe. we are a customer-centric Information Technology development company headquartered in India, We are specialized in Technology research and development . our offerings are highly customizable and scalable.

With years of experience and pool of expertise from various technological fields, We offer different services which meet all the aspects of the business from the user experience to technology. We pride ourselves on having the most enthusiastic, energetic and skilled staff team. We promise a perfect quality solution which enables our clients to achieve their ultimate goals.

We have the relevant skills to provide services on anything that pertains to the business and architecture, notwithstanding the industry. We are focused on our customer satisfaction. We work very close with them, to develop solutions that benefit and ensure the growth of their business.






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"We plan it, we design it, we build it and we support it. All under one roof"

Our Services

We fill your unmet business needs, in a way that has never been filled before

Website development

Turn your website into a money magnet: Website represents your company globally. So it has to be designed with international standards and should stand out from your competitors .

Web Application Development

Access it from anywhere: We are experts in the rapid custom development of Web applications. We do proper research and study before we develop. We understand user's emotion.

Mobile Applications Development

Mobility increases Productivity: Our mobile application development team are focused on creativity and innovation along with technical competency to deliver high quality and user-friendly applications.

Software development

Say goodbye to Paperwork: We take responsibility for business requirement analysis, specification, design, architecture, implementation, testing and integration of the system in a professional way.

UI/UX Research & development

Most mental processing occurs unconsciously: If you can get people to commit to a small action, then it is much more likely that they will later commit to a larger action.


We increase company's flexibility by offering all forms of call center services segmented as inbound and outbound process with voice and nonvoice services. "We Don’t find faults but a remedy"

Business Branding

We do brand identities for companies from scratch . Our Experts will provide the guidance to upstream the business to the Top Gear

Search Engine Optimization

Increase your brand's online visibility: We can help you to make your websites listed in main search engines so You can show your products and services to the world and grab more customer attention.

IT Consulting

"We don't Sell, we only Tell". We propose the best fit solution for our client's business. Our specialized consultants will help to minimize the cost and time associated with technology and marketing related challenges.

Business Analysis & Training

Our experts identify and define the solutions that will maximize the value delivered by an organization. We will act as a guide and lead the business through all levels, to reach the target.

Our WorkFlow

Experience something better than a client and company relation


People are programmed to pay attention to anything that is different or novel. If we make something different, it will stand out. we spend 20% of the development time for market research and analysis for finding the best fit solution for our clients.


Prototype and Design

Multistability is the tendency of ambiguous perceptual experiences to move unstably back and forth between alternative interpretations. Some ideas can be perceived in more than one way. A perfect prototype helps to identify the most convenient and efficient solution.



We use one of the very effective project development methods to handle the project development process. We want to make sure our clients get exactly what they want. We work in short development sprints so they will be able to see the progress at the end of each two-week period and we take the feedback from the client to make sure the product matches their vision. In case of emergency finish or launch, our project management experts will do a very effective Activity crashing.



Any product that riddled with flaws can present serious security and user experience concerns for users who rely on the applications to perform core business functions. bugs can be crippling and therefore, must be dealt with properly. We know the risk of swimming with the sharks so we act accordingly.



We use our experience to guide you through the common pitfalls of launching and marketing a website,application or a business. we offer time-tested advice to get most leads and sales. If you grow, we will also grow.


Usability Review & Update

Usability reviews can tell us how to improve the website, application or a business model. This allows you to serve your consumers quickly and efficiently by resolving any issues consumers have, thereby creating a positive experience for the customers that will only help your business in the future